Abstract face coasters on coffee table
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DIY Abstract Face Coasters

DIY Abstract face coasters

I’m pretty obsessed with the abstract face trend that is popping up everywhere these days. I whipped up these cute coasters really quickly for this feminist-inspired Galentines Brunch last week, but will definitely continue using them on our coffee table. They are just too fun to put away!

I’ll admit this isn’t a true DIY because I mainly just spiced up some coasters we had on hand with some vinyl and my Cricut, but I’m still really happy with the result! And it was super quick!

Plus if you don’t already have coasters you can use for this project, you have an excuse to do some thrifting! Or make a trip to target or walmart, because they’ll likely have some plain coasters in the home/dining section.

DIY Abstract face coasters


DIY Abstract face coasters supplies


Depending on the state of your coasters, you may need to wash them before starting this project. I threw mine in the dishwasher first, just to make sure they were nice and clean before painting.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the colour of them, so I decided to paint them all white. The design will also look good on patterned or marble coasters, as long as the pattern is subtle.


Using a cutting machine, cut out the design onto the black and gold vinyl. The designs I cut out were 3″ x 2″, but you may need to adjust the sizing, based on the size of your coasters.


Start by cutting out the design pieces from the larger vinyl piece. Weed out the negative space, and then apply transfer paper or Glad Press n Seal (if you have a lower budget!) Once applied to the transfer paper, you can adhere them to the coaster.

DIY Abstract face coasters
DIY Abstract face coasters

STEP 4: GLAZE (optional)

This part was important for me, only because I’m very clumsy and can guarantee that I’ll spill wine or something onto the coasters. This way with the dishwasher safe modge podge, it seals the design so that the vinyl stays on, PLUS if you do get them dirty, you can just pop them into the dishwasher!

Just use a paint brush or foam brush to apply the glaze, and then let it dry for a few hours before using.

DIY Abstract face coasters

Enjoy! Tag me on insta if you end up making these @lavender_julep

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