DIY Marble Side Table

Isn’t it the most satisfying when you have an idea in mind, and then the final product turns out better than you expected, or better than anything you could have bought? That’s definitely what happened with this DIY Marble Side table we built recently. I’m even hesitant to call it a DIY, because it was honestly just attaching legs to a piece of marble, and it took less than 30 minutes. Definitely a win!

Before this table came to be, one corner of our living room was looking super empty and a little boring. Over Christmas, we found this amazing brown leather chair on sale at Homesense and the corner started looking so much better. But after having just the chair and lamp in the corner for a few weeks, we decided it would be wonderful if we had a table near the chair to fill up the space a little bit more, and so whoever was sitting there would have somewhere to put a drink! So after lots of online shopping and pinterest searching, I thought that a subtle marble would look really good, and tie nicely in with all of the other elements we have in our living room.

DIY Marble Side Table

The problem is that marble is super trendy right now, and therefore every table I liked was a couple hundred dollars. I also looked to see how much a slab of marble was, and that was also out of our price range. But then Brian had the BEST idea and suggested using a round marble cutting board as the surface – genius! We also had some hairpin legs in our garage from a $10 thrifted desk I found on Kijiji that would work perfectly as a base! So back to homesense we went, and found cutest round lazy susan! It had the spinning part on the bottom, which felt like it could easily be pulled off, so we bought it for $25!

The only other thing we needed to buy was some Gorilla Glue, and then we quickly whipped up this table for under $50! And we couldn’t be happier with the end result! Read on for the step-by-step tutorial on how to whip up one of your own!

DIY Marble Side Table supplies


  • Marble lazy susan (we got ours from Homesense), or you could use a round marble cutting board like this one
  • 3 black hairpin legs (anywhere between 22-26″, depending on your preference)
  • Sandpaper
  • Super glue
  • Sharpie
  • Clamp (optional)


Because our marble piece had an extra part on the bottom of it to make it a lazy susan, we started by ripping this part off to make room for the hairpin legs. Once your surface is ready to go, it’s helpful to give it a quick rough sand to make it easier for the glue + legs to adhere to the surface.

Once your marble surface is ready, you need to decide where you want the marble legs to go. This part is helpful to do with another person so that you can hold the legs in place so they don’t fall over, and then mark the surface with a sharpie, so you’ll know where to glue the legs.

DIY Marble Side Table progress
DIY Marble Side Table progress


This part was really easy! The Gorilla Glue worked so well and dried so quickly. Start by spreading a thin line of glue all around the base of the hairpin legs, and place them one at a time onto the marble. If you have a clamp, you can use it to hold the leg in place while it dries. But if not, you can just hold it until the glue sets.

Once you have glued all three legs onto the marble, leave your finished table upside down to dry. This will take a few hours depending on the brand of glue.

DIY Marble Side Table progress
DIY Marble Side Table progress


There you go! A super quick and cheap DIY side/accent table! And the options are endless with so many different styles of round cutting boards out there these days. You could even find one that is half marble, half wood! How cute would that be!?

Comment with any questions you have, or pin for later! Tag me on instagram if you make one of your own!

DIY Marble Side Table
DIY Marble Side Table

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