DIY Modern Boho Holiday Wreath

Christmas time is the best time!

Not only do you get to eat lots of delicious food and hopefully spend lots of time with your family, but it’s also a wonderful excuse to decorate your space!

Which for me, means Christmas crafts!

Ideally this post would have come sooner, but we just moved and have been extremely busy unpacking and organizing. But things are more calm now, so I’m hoping to get as much Holiday crafting in as possible! Starting with these fun little wreaths:

DIY Modern Holiday Wreath


  • Gold Macrame Hoop (they come in various sizes, depending on how big of a wreath you want)
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Cotton rope + Ribbon in various styles/colours
  • Real tree clippings and/or faux greenery stems (I got these Magnolia eucalyptus stems from Target)
  • Pinecones
  • Any other element you want to add – small bulb ornaments, ivy berries or rosehips, bows, etc.
  • Fishing line and a command hook for hanging it up


I recommend starting with visualizing/playing around with what you might want your wreath to ultimately look like. Start by laying your hoop on a flat surface and placing the greenery around – this will also help you decide how much string and ribbon to use and how long you might want it to be. You can then measure out your desired length of string and ribbon, and then doubling the length before you cut it.


Fold your string/rope/ribbon in half and drape the top lop over the bottom of your hoop. Then grab the ends and feed them underneath the bottom of the hoop through the loop you’ve created. You could also just tie knots onto the hoop, but I prefer this way, because it looks chunkier at the top 🙂 If you find that the ribbon is slipping and becoming loose, you can use a tiny bit of hot glue to secure it.


This is the fun part! Place the greenery where you want it to be, and wrap your floral wire tightly around the greenery stems. I did multiple layers with the cedar sprigs so that you couldn’t see the hoop underneath, and if you need to use wire at the top of the branch, it’s easily hidden by the top layer.


Add other elements to your greenery by securing them with the floral wire. I only used pine cones on both of my wreaths, but you could also use any other holiday ornament, other natural elements like holly berries, rose hips, bows, or even cinnamon sticks! If your added elements don’t already have wire attached, you can either wrap the wire around them, or attach the wire with hot glue.

Another cute idea would be to dip pinecones in white paint to give them a snowy effect!


You can attach a command hook to your preferred surface, and use the same ribbon or rope you used on the bottom to hang it up. Or, you can use fishing line over the door, and attach it to an upside-down command hook on the top of other side of your door for a magical floating look!

These would definitely look great on a front door or window, or literally anwhere in your house! These wreaths go really well with our Christmas tree colours and our decor in general, so I’ll definitely be keeping one of them inside. A smaller hoop wreath would look super cute hung on a kitchen cabinet door if you want something festive in your kitchen!

Happy wreath-making!

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