DIY Vellum + Card Stock Place Cards

There are so many ideas for DIY place cards out there, and it was incredibly hard to decide what design to go with. We ultimately went with a vellum/card stock combo to match our invitations, and the result was really pretty, decently easy, and extremely affordable! Shoutout to our incredible wedding photographer Sarah Antaya Photography for taking beautiful photos of the final product!

There are also two ways of making these place cards. I used my cricut to cut out the names in gold foil, but if you don’t have a cricut, you can use a paint pen to write out the names and still get the same pretty metallic effect.


  • Vellum
  • Printed Cardstock from Michaels (we bought 6 of the individual square sheets they sell)
  • Mini brads in the colour of your choice
  • Gold foil vinyl OR a paint pen if you don’t have a cricut
  • SVG file with your guests’ names (optional)
  • A paper cutter
  • A script font for the lettering. I used this one


Start by cutting 1.5 ” wide strips of both the Vellum and the Cardstock with your paper cutter. The 1.5″ will be the height of your place cards. I decided to wait to cut the length of each one until later, because some of our guests’ names were quite long. But if you want each one to be consistent in size, you could definitely cut them to the size you want first, and then just adjust the font size of the longer names later.


Again, you can do this DIY two ways. If you have decent calligraphy skills and would prefer to write each name, that’s probably the easier and more affordable option.

If you aren’t super confident in your calligraphy skills but don’t have a Cricut, or don’t want to buy vinyl, you could type out your guest list in a word document, and then print and trace the names onto the vellum.

I happened to have some gold foil kicking around (I got A LOT of craft supplies for Christmas last year) so I decided to cut each name out in gold foil vinyl and peel/stick it onto the vellum.

We used this free font, and typed all of the names into Cricut Design Space, using this svg file. Note: because design space doesn’t let you use script font easily, I had to ungroup the letters, move them closer together so they connected, and then use the weld tool.

Once the names were cut, I simply just peeled them off of the vinyl roll and stuck them on to the vellum rectangles.


This part was actually multi-functional for us, as our incredibly wonderful and organized venue required us to have a meal indicator on each place card so that the servers knew who was eating what dish. So, we decided to use 4 different coloured brads (Gold = prime rib, brass = chicken, silver = vegetarian, black = kids meal)

The easiest way to do this is to line up your vellum and cardstock rectangles on a soft surface (a piece of Styrofoam works really well) and just push the brad through both pieces of paper. You can also pre-poke the hole with something sharper like a metal skewer or the Cricut weeder tool.

There you have it! Trendy vellum place cards! You could also totally do this without the cardstock backing, but we really wanted to stay on theme to match our Cardstock + Vellum invitations, and to also have more of a contrast with the gold lettering.

I still have SO much vellum left over, so I’ll probably pull out this craft again if we host Christmas dinner or any other fun dinner party. Place cards are always a nice touch! The Vellum/Cardstock combo could also even make for cute gift tags.

So many options! If you decide to make your own, comment below or tag me on instagram if you post your final product!

Xx Julie

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