Holiday DIY: Bottle Tree Candle Holders

The best crafts are easy, affordable, and eco friendly, and that’s exactly what these little bottle trees are! Brian brought home a case of Canada Dry Premium Tonic for our gin, and I immediately thought that the little bottles looked like perfect little Christmas trees!



I knew that these would look good with a quick coat of paint, so I mixed up some paint in the colours I wanted, added a little baking powder for some texture and went to town! Once they dried I added greenery to some of them, and also put candles in a few of them, and the look like the perfect little forest!


  • Canada Dry Premium Tonic or Ginger Ale Bottles (we got ours from Sobeys, here in Canada)
  • Foam Brush
  • Acrylic paints in various colours or Spray Paint to make things much easier!
  • Baking powder (optional)
  • Spray gloss top coat for some shine (optional)
  • Candles and greenery to decorate

Step 1: Rinse out and clean bottles

Make sure your bottles are prepped and ready to be painted! I started by rinsing the insides of the bottles, and then wiped down the outside to make sure they were all clean so the paint would go on smoothly.

Step 2: Mix your paint colours

I just used whatever paint I had on hand, and I happened to have some left over Gingko Tree by Valspar from our Ikea Ivar makeover! I mixed some with some white acrylic paint and a little bit of baking powder (~ 1 tsp), and it made a perfect muted green colour with a tiny bit of texture.

Step 3: Paint and let dry

I painted a couple coats of green onto each bottle and let them dry. I also wanted to paint a few bottles white, so instead of using the foam brush, I grabbed some left over white primer that I had in the garage and did a few quick coats.

bottle tree candle holders

Step 4: Add candles and greenery

This was the fun part! Once everything was dry, I decided to add some foraged greenery to some of the bottles, and then I popped in a few candles! We have these on our dresser, but I also think they would look so good on a dining table, or on a shelf!

Let me know if you end up making these! Tag me @lavender_julep on Instagram!

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