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Our Journey to a Better Sleep!

Hello friends!

If you know me, you’ll know that I nap like it’s a sport, and really value a good night’s sleep. Which is why we finally decided to upgrade our older (and too-soft) pillow-top mattress to something that would better suit our sleep needs! Cue the wonderful (and affordable!) Douglas Mattress by!

What We Were Looking For

As much as we hate to admit it, my husband and I are getting older, and we’re starting to realize that what we sleep on definitely impacts how we sleep and feel overall. I have also had a few neck and head injuries over the past few years, and find that I need a mattress that is not too soft and not too firm, so that my neck and back are comfortable and supported.

I was slightly nervous at first to try a bed that comes in a box, because it’s hard to know what exactly you’re getting without testing it out first in store. But all the reviews I read about the Douglas Mattress were so incredibly positive! People with similar needs to ours were really loving their mattresses as well as their overall experience with the company’s customer service, so we were really excited to give it a try! and The Douglas Brand

In addition to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I also love that Douglas is 100% Canadian. Douglas is one of seven brands owned by GoodMorning, and all seven mattress brands are designed, manufactured, and sold in Canada. Their mattresses are made to order, and they ship free to anywhere in Canada, which in my opinion, is so much more convenient than shopping in a store and then arranging pick-up or delivery. They also understand that shopping for a mattress online can be difficult, so they created the 120 day in home sleep trial, with free returns if you’re not satisfied. Their mattresses also come with a 15 year warranty!

Another factor that I’m trying to be more mindful of is the sustainability of the products I use. Not only are Douglas mattresses  made using sustainable fibres from renewable wood sources, but Douglas also significantly limits their carbon footprint by  sourcing Canadian materials and making all of their products in Canada. They also donate any returned mattresses to local charities, so I feel like I can rest even easier knowing that I’m using an eco-conscious product.


Features We Love

  • Obviously comfort is an important part of a mattress, so what we have really loved about our Douglas is that there are three layers of high-quality eco-foam, that deliver active cooling, perfect bounce, and balanced pressure relief while you sleep. Unlike our last mattress, my husband and I can barely feel each other (or the dog) moving around, which is absolutely wonderful!
  • My husband’s favourite feature of our new mattress is the cooling foam, which you can actually see when you unzip the cover. The mattress feels super breathable, and the cover is also moisture wicking, so you stay cool and dry!
  •  I have found mattress shopping stressful in the past, but this was so much easier! Our mattress was so quick to arrive, and it was delivered straight to our door!
  • The unboxing was way easier than anticipated. We just popped it out of the box, unrolled it, and it started to expand right away as we removed the plastic!
  • The mattress cover comes off and is washable (which is helpful when you have a dog that has claimed the mattress as his own and loves to roll around on it!)
  • The Douglas mattress also comes at an affordable price point compared to other brands I’ve seen. Their mattresses start at $599!

Final Thoughts

So overall we’re super happy that we switched to Douglas, and so excited to continue sleeping on our new mattress! As we start to refresh some of the other bedroom spaces in our home and cottage, we’ll definitely be getting more of these wonderful mattresses!

If you’re thinking about upgrading your mattress too, check out the Douglas products here!



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