Laundry Closet Design Plans

First post and project of 2023!

We’ve been wanting to give our tiny laundry closet a makeover since we moved in, and here we are three years later, finally making it happen! Sharing our mood board and plans for this room, and hoping we can bring the designs to life!

The General Plan:

This project needs to happen on a very small budget, so while we would love all new cabinetry and stone countertops – that’s not going to happen this time around. The main goal here is functionality, so adding shelving and countertop workspace is a must. There is so much wasted space currently, so we will be maximizing wall space to provide both open and closed storage options. We’ll also be trying to maximize floor space as well, pushing the machines to one size of the space to allow floor space for our vacuum and other cleaning supplies, Iron, drying rack, etc.


We managed to score a free upper cabinet out of my in-laws’ basement, so that will be placed above the washing machine on the left side of the space. It’s nothing fancy or modern, but it’s big and will be able to hold a lot of our laundry/cleaning supplies. We’ll also be extending two rows of simple open shelving using white melamine (similar to what we did in the nursery closet) from the right side of the cabinet all the way to the other wall.  The bottom shelf will have a rod across it for hanging items to dry.

Similar cabinet

Melamine Shelving


We decided that it would be nice to have a dedicated work space/folding space that isn’t just the tops of the machines, so we are going to add a countertop. To maximize the space though, we are only going to cover the tops of the machines and not go all the way across the space so that we still have some usable space for our vacuum and cleaning supplies. Instead of just ending the countertop at the edge of the dryer, we are going to try to do a waterfall countertop dupe and have it extend down to the floor like The Beauty Revival’s countertop (below). We still don’t have a fully fledged plan for this, so wish us luck! And keeping things budget friendly, we’ll be doing a laminate countertop instead of butcher block.

Ikea Laminate Countertop


Just to add a little extra pizzaz to this space, we are going to add some Peel & Stick Wallpaper from Livette’s Wallpaper. They sent us some in their Granny Chic pattern in the Windy colour, and it’s going to be perfect for the space. I’m so excited to do another wallpaper project, it just adds so much to a space and it’s usually a pretty quick and easy process!

Other Organization Additions

Other than baskets for organizing various cleaning and laundry supplies, we are still on the lookout for more drying rack options that we could add to this space, for when we run out of hanging space or need things to dry flat. We are also looking at storage options for our Ironing board, which currently lives in our closet. Let me know if you have any drying/ironing organization ideas!

Here’s a picture of what the room looks like now – just for fun!


Check out my Laundry Rooms Pinterest board for all of the inspo.

Follow along here and on Instagram as we refresh this space on a budget!


Follow along as we refresh this space on a budget!


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