Master Closet Refresh on a Budget

I shared in my last post that we’ve been working hard to cross some house projects off our list to prepare for baby G’s arrival in July! Even though this one was the smallest space, it was still a really exciting project for us, because it is helping us clear out the room that will become the nursery where we’ve been storing all of our extra things!


We have a decent sized closet in our master bedroom, but we didn’t feel like it stored enough with the way it was initially set up. It just had the build-grade shelf/rods, and there was so much wasted space that could have been more functional.

I have been eyeing the ikea Pax systems for a while, but with the size of the space and what we wanted to accomplish, we didn’t want to spend the money. Instead, I scoured Facebook Marketplace until we found the perfect cabinet that someone else was removing from their closet!

It was the perfect size for our closet, but a little short for the hanging storage we wanted, so Brian built a platform for it to stand on for extra height, and to make it look like it’s truly built in. He used some 2x4s to create a box, and then added a flat piece of wood for the bottom shelf (that the unit didn’t initially come with). Once we fasted the shelf to the base and secured everything to the wall, we added adjustable rods from Lowes to create 3 levels of hanging storage. The cabinet also only came with one handle, so I grabbed a couple of brass pulls and they really helped finish off the space!


DIY Closet Built-Ins

After ripping out all of the old wire shelving, we had a ton of holes to fill! So I was super grateful that DAP Canada had sent over some products for us to try out! I use their pink spackling a ton when we’re doing projects, but it was fun trying out their newer stuff, and I fell in love with their quick dry spackle! It just made the process so much quicker, because you could paint directly over it once it was dry! Once all of the holes were filled, we painted the space to match the white cabinet (and I was very happy to swap out the builder beige!) We used Ultra White by Valspar.

DIY Closet built ins

Overall for a quick project, this one had serious impact! We were able to move all of the clothes we stored in the extra bedroom into the closet, and we still have room to spare! We may eventually add some hooks or additional shelving, but we’re pretty happy with how things turned out!

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