Minimal Holiday Decor Inspiration for Every Space in Your Home

Happy November, Friends!

It’s wild that I’m even thinking about Christmas decor right now, because I’m usually such a late holiday decorator! Not sure if it’s because I have a December Birthday, or because my first job was at a christmas-themed amusement park, but I used to put off getting into the holiday spirit for some reason. But hey, it’s 2020 and we all need a little cozy. Even at the beginning of November!

But before I go crazy with decorating my space, I wanted to put together a bit of an inspo post. I want to go for a minimalist neutral vibe, with lots of greenery and a bit of gold, so I thought I’d pull together some of my inspiration for this year’s holiday vibe from some very talented designers! I also think a little holiday cheer in EVERY room is really fun, so here’s some inspo that I’m considering for each space in our home! Be sure to click through the sources too, because their homes are so stunning!

Entrance + Entryway

Even though we’re currently in a pandemic and not having any guests over, I still think the entryway is a really fun spot to decorate for the holidays. I think a having wreath or garland on the front door is so stunning, and I love how Patterns and Prosecco incorporated a pop of gold by hanging bells on their door. I love the simplicity garland in a stairwell, and I’m so obsessed with the dried citrus fruit trend! Such an easy, affordable, and sustainable way to add pops of colour without buying plastic ornaments.

SOURCE: Patterns and Prosecco                                                                                    SOURCE: The Merry Thought 


Our main floor is very much open concept, with the kitchen wall being on the same wall as where our tree will go, so we probably won’t go too crazy with holiday decor. But if you do have a more separated space, I think greenery looks so gorgeous in a kitchen, with other little holiday decorations sprinkled in! If you have a hood cover, it’s the perfect place for a wreath

SOURCE: Kristina Lynne

Living Room

The Living Room is the perfect place to go a little wild with your holiday decor, which is still possible if you’re going with a minimal look. Mantles and shelves are the perfect places for greenery + garland, and I love the look of simple undecorated trees. You still get warm holiday vibes without too many pops of colour. I’ve always wanted to decorate a mantle for the holidays, and this will be our first Christmas since building our fireplace! I’m always so inspired by Amy Peters and Jessica Sara Morris and how they both decorate their mantles. I’m so excited to add some greenery, candlesticks and cozy stockings for a warm, yet minimal vibe!

SOURCE: Amy Peters                                                                                                       SOURCE: Jessica Sara Morris


While I’m passionate about not going overboard with holiday decor, I do really enjoy decorating our bedroom for the holidays. It makes for a nice cozy retreat, and makes it easier to get out of bed on those cold mornings. I love the look of a wreath above the bed, or a pencil tree in a corner. I also love foraging for greenery in the late fall/early winter, and using vases to display tree cuttings in various spaces. I love what Homeyohmy did to add a little holiday cheer to a bedside table.

SOURCE: Homeyohmy

Dining Room

I love seeing minimal holiday tablescapes. I think it brings so much to a space. I love the look of a greenery runner with taper candles and minimal table linens. Even though we likely aren’t hosting anyone for holiday meals, I still think it will be fun to decorate our table and bring some more warmth to our dining area.

SOURCE: Burkatron                                                                                                           SOURCE: The Pink Dream


Although this probably isn’t necessary at all, I think it’s fun to add a little bit of holiday decor in the Bathroom as well. I love the look of garland on a mirror, or some ceramic or bottle brush trees on the bathroom vanity, and winter-themed candles are my absolute favourite. The bathroom is also a really great place to incorporate holiday-themed linens that you can bring out year after year.

SOURCE: Sarah Jane Interiors

Isn’t all this inspo so dreamy?! I can’t wait to get started on our holiday decor! Once everything is up, I’ll definitely be doing a home holiday tour!

What decor theme are you going for this year? Share below in the comments!







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