Our Favourite Toddler Toys!

Now that Daisy is two, she has a lot of opinions about the toys she likes to play with, and let me tell you, loud plastic ones are definitely not her favourite. We do have a few that she’ll tinker with now and then, but she definitely prefers the more intentional Montessori style toys that are long lasting and more sustainable. Thank goodness for Lovevery! We’ve been getting Lovevery subscription boxes since she was a newborn, and they are still our favourite toys by far! What we’ve always loved about Lovevery is that it takes the guesswork out of what your child will enjoy playing with, and what skills they should be working on at their specific developmental stage. Their boxes are tailored by age, and each toy or book that is included is intentionally chosen, and sustainably made. 


We hadn’t tried any of the Toddler-specific Play kits yet, but we were recently gifted The Helper Play Kit for months 25-27 month-olds, and we love it so much! It comes with so many fun things that are perfect for the skill level/learning ability at this age. There are components that are tailored to their curiosity and creativity, and more practical pieces that tie into what they may experience in their day-to-day routines. 

She seems to love every part of the kit so far. But an early favourite has definitely been the Sustainable Sink with Bio-based cups and plates. We keep showing this off to family and friends, because it’s just so cool! Daisy is obsessed with playing in our kitchen sink, and tends to waste a lot of water when she plays there. But this one has running water that continuously cycles through, and she loves being able to turn it on and off. I love that it comes with dishes and a drying rack for her to practice washing dishes. She also loves washing her dolls and the rocks that she collects too. 

















My favourite part of this kit is the Felt Flowers set. I can’t get over how pretty the flowers are, and these are definitely toys that I’d be happy to have out all of the time. She loves them too, and loves being able to “pick” them out of the wooden holder. These are the sweetest and I doubt you would be able to find something similar and as good of quality as these. Toys like the flowers, and the Drop and Match Dot Catcher really help your little one to work on their fine motor skills, colour recognition, and concentration.

Another thing I love about the kits is that they come with a parent guide that suggests ways for your child to interact with the toys, and different ways to introduce them. It also has other activity suggestions, along with information and tips for their current developmental stage. Super helpful! We’ll definitely continue to get these play kits for Daisy. They are perfect if you are doing a toy rotation and want to limit the toys you have out at a time. Or if you are short on space (like us!) and want toys that blend in with your other decor that your kids also love. Couldn’t recommend them more! In addition to the play kits, they also have some standalone Playthings that I would also recommend. We have had the Block Set and Pull Pup for over a year, and they are still some of her go-to toys. 

If you have any soon-to-be toddlers or younger babies, these make great birthday gifts (plus the holidays are on the horizon too!) We absolutely recommend Lovevery for all of your baby/toddler developmental toy needs!


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