DIY Minimalist Boho Wall Hanging

The best crafts are definitely the ones that take minimal preparation and come together in one sitting! This little DIY Minimalist Boho Wall Hanging came together one night shortly after we had finished our marble accent table, and I was thinking we needed to add a little something to the wall to finish the space.

I’ve been seeing a ton of amazing minimalist geometric or moon-phase wall-hangings and baby mobiles all over instagram and pinterest. Most are made with copper or terra cotta, and I just love the look of them as a simple addition to a gallery wall or as a statement piece on their own. But because I didn’t have any copper or terra cotta clay on hand, I decided to try to make one with supplies that I already had on hand, and I’m super happy with the result!

So, if you’re looking to spice up your wall decor with a DIY that is relatively cheap, not very difficult, and takes less than an hour to put together, then you definitely need to make this DIY minimalist boho wall hanging!S

DIY Minimalist Boho Wall Hanging materials


  • Stick or branch cut to desired size
  • Black Polymer Clay
  • Cotton rope or yarn for the tassel
  • Velcro Command Strips
  • Ant gauge copper or gold wire (you can get this from the jewelry section of a craft store)
  • Wire cutters
  • Rolling pin
  • Kitchen knife (not pictured)
  • Scissors (not pictured)
  • Round cookie cutter (optional)
DIY Minimalist Boho Wall Hanging


Start by taking your polymer clay out of the packaging and rolling it around in your hands for a few minutes to warm it up and make it more malleable. When your clay is ready, there are a few different techniques you can use to create the half circles, depending on your preference.

Probably the easiest way to do this would be to roll out a large ball of clay into a flat slab (with the same consistency across the area whole area of the clay), and use a round cookie cutter to cut circles into the clay. Then, you can use a kitchen knife to cut your clay circles in half.

DIY Minimalist Boho Wall Hanging

I was passionate about having different sizes of half circles, and I didn’t care too much if they weren’t fully even or had some bumps. So, instead, I rolled out and flattened various sizes of small clay balls and then cut them in half to create the half-circle shape. You could also do this using the slab method above and just use a knife or sharp object to trace out the half circles of your desired sizes to ensure that they are all the same thickness.

DIY Minimalist Boho Wall Hanging


Start by preheating your oven to 275 °F.

Before you bake the clay, you’ll want to use something sharp to make the holes on the clay where the wire will go. I used a kitchen skewer, but a toothpick or anything else that has a sharp point will work well. Make one hole at the top of the shape, and one at the bottom directly underneath the top hole.

You’ll then want to prepare a baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper on top of it to prevent the clay from sticking to the pan. I baked my clay for around 15 minutes, but the baking time will ultimately depend on the thickness of your half-circles. Anywhere from 15-25 minutes should work, and you can check it periodically to see how things are going.

DIY Minimalist Boho Wall Hanging
DIY Minimalist Boho Wall Hanging


I had some leftover cotton rope scraps in my craft supplies, so I decided to add a little tassel to the bottom of the wall hanging. To make the tassel I placed a few strands of cotton rope together that were about 4 inches in length, and used another strand to tie a knot around them, halfway down. Then fold your rope in half, and the knot will form the top of your tassel.

If you don’t have scraps, you can also get the same results by wrapping the rope around your hand a few times, tying a knot around one of the ends of the loop, and then snipping the other end.

To finish the tassel, take another thin strand of rope to tie a tight knot around the “head” of the tassel, and use your fingers to pull the strands up to make it puff up at the top


For this part, I started off by cutting a long piece of wire that was about the length of my arm.

Start by wrapping the wire around the centre of your branch a few times to secure it, and then feed the wire through the front of the first half-circle at your desired length. Wrap the wire around the hole once and then feed the wire back through to the back of the shape, so that the connecting wire sits at the back. Do the same thing for the bottom hole, and so on for each clay piece, spacing them out evenly as you go.

After all of the half-circles are attached, feed the wire through the top of your tassel, make a knot or twist the wire onto itself, and trip any leftover wire.

Then attach a half of a velcro command strip to the back of your branch and the other half to your desired space on the wall (just make sure to follow the instructions on the package).

That’s it! A super quick craft that leaves you with the cutest little boho wall hanging. You can totally mix up the shapes as well. Triangles would be cool, or you could do white polymer clay half circles hung the other way, and then paint rainbows on them! The options are endless!

If you end up making one of these, make sure to tag me on insta @lavender_julep !



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