One Room Challenge Week 3 – Beadboard Panel Accent Wall!

It’s week three!

This past week was all about the big blank wall in our bedroom! We wanted a way to add some interest to the space, and also help define the little nook area a little better. Don’t get me wrong, our bedroom is fine! I love the size, and the layout works for us, but I am really looking forward to making things a little less neutral and a little more cozy.

We had thrown around a few ideas for the large wall, and while colour drenched rooms are super popular, I’m still a little nervous about adding too much colour – so a half wall with a bit of colour seemed doable for us! And when it came to the paneling, we initially wanted to go as affordable as possible, and thought about doing board and batten, but then eventually settled on beadboard panels. These panels were a bit of a  pricier design option, but we were drawn to the simplicity of installation, and the overall vibe of beadboard.


  • 4×8′ Beadboard panels x3 (we needed just a little more than 2 panels worth, and used the remaining length of the panel in our bathroom!)
  • Trim – we used primed MDF trim that was slightly thicker than the beadboard.
  • Construction adhesive
  • Nail gun + nails that are long enough to go through the beadboard, drywall and studs
  • Jigsaw or Multi-tool to cut through the panel for outlets
  • DAP/wood filler
  • Caulking gun
  • Outlet box extenders


  1. We first measured the space (and our bathroom space too) to determine the supplies we needed and also which cuts we needed to make at the store. The panels are designed to line up on the edges once cut, so you just need to make sure you are making your cuts on the proper side.
  2. Rona has 5 free cuts, so we were able to get them to cut all of our panels, plus our trim pieces for free.
  3. After cleaning the wall and baseboards, we started by dry-fitting the pieces, to make sure they lined up properly on the wall.
  4. We used a stud finder to mark all of the studs on the wall with painters tape.
  5. We went left to right, and applied adhesive to each piece before adding it to the wall. Once it was mostly secure, we then used the nail gun to add nails at the top, middle and bottom of the panels in the spots where we marked the studs.
  6. We repeated these steps until we got to a panel that had an outlet, and then used our multi-tool to cut out space for the outlet. We have an electrician in the family who also taught us a trick for safely extending the outlet out using electrical tape, but you can also use a box extender to account for the added depth with the panel.
  7. We added the trim using the adhesive and nails, and the used DAP wood filler to fill all of the nail holes, and then caulked along the sides of the panels and the gaps where each panel meets.

With a few trips to the store and a few breaks in between, this took us about a day. But if you had all of your supplies ready to go, it would probably only take a few hours in total! Super easy way to add a lot of impact to a space. This could also be a great project for those who don’t have a ton of DIY experience or tools – if you get the store to do all of the cuts, the installation part is actually quite simple and could easily be done with just adhesive and a hammer/nails.

I’m really loving how this space is looking so far! And while not part of the ORC, we also completed a bonus project in our bathroom with the leftover materials, so I’m pretty pumped about that too!

This weekend is all about painting – stay tuned to see what colour we ended up going with (it took me a while to fully decide!) And check out the other One Room Challenge Week Three Spaces Here!


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