One Room Challenge Week 4: A pop of colour and a new rug!

We’re already halfway through the One Room Challenge! I am very thankful that we picked an easier project this time around, because I have had a ton of back pain this pregnancy, and June can’t come soon enough at this point!

We didn’t do a whole lot this past week, but what we did accomplish has made such an impact on the space already!

Tranquil pop of blue!

I finally picked a paint colour! If you know me, you’ll know that having anything other than white walls is a pretty big deal! I tend to lean towards pops of colour in furniture and textiles that are easy to swap out, and not necessarily more permanent things like wall colour! But I did want this room to feel more cozy and tranquil, so I wanted to find a blue that criteria, but that also wasn’t too blue! We ended up testing out a few different samples and then found Stratton Blue by Benjamin Moore!

Depending on where you’re standing and the light coming in, it can either look blue or bluey-green – which I love! I think it’s going to feel so cozy once we finish the nook area, and it should tie in really well with the wallpaper we chose.

This was my first time painting beadboard and it was definitely a little more time consuming. I found it easiest to start with a brush and go over all of the grooves first, and then roll over everything afterwards. It just made it so we didn’t end up with any random white spots in any of the grooves.

The dreamiest new rug

I knew this room needed a rug upgrade, and I wanted something that was a bit darker and cozier to frame out/define the bed area. We do have carpeted floors upstairs, but I’m a big fan of rugs over top of carpet to define and centre a space. And since we are creating two distinct “spaces” in this room, a rug was definitely a must!

Loloi makes my favourite rugs! They are always so stunning and well made, and hold up really well in high traffic areas. We have a few other Loloi rugs, and we were fortunate to be gifted this one from the Chris Loves Julia collection! It’s the Rosemarie rug in Sage/blush (ROE-01). Depending on where you stand it can look darker or lighter, and I love that it has a border that frames our bed! You can purchase this one in different sizes through Amazon!

We also decided to go for a smaller rug size. The rug we had in here before used to be in our living room and we didn’t want to get rid of it, but it was way too big! The smaller size actually makes the room feel so much bigger! This one is a 7×9 size, and it’s so perfect!

What’s next?

For this part of the space we definitely want to swap out the decor and bedding. I have ordered some new art, and need to decide on a bedding colour. We also want to get rid of the table lamp style and swap for sconces to make more room on our nightstand. Other than those few details, this part of the space is pretty much finished!

This weekend we are starting to tackle the nook area! Can’t wait to see the subtle woodland theme come together!

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