One Room Challenge Week 5: Peel & Stick Wallpaper!

More things are happening in our Primary Bedroom + Nursery Nook space, and it’s making me so happy (and less stressed), since next month is baby month!

We spent the last week clearing out the space that will become the baby’s nursery nook. It has become a dumping ground for project supplies, and it felt so good to move things out of there!

This is probably the part of the project I was most excited for! Since baby brother wont have his own room in this house, I really wanted to have a special little space for him. I’m a huge wallpaper fan and have always wanted to do some kind of a mural, so this was the perfect opportunity!

We worked with Livette’s Wallpaper again, and I absolutely love their Peel & Stick wallpaper! It’s easy to install, has a gorgeous textured look, and is perfect for renters or temporary spaces. We chose the Vintage Enchanted Forest removable mural (they also have a traditional paste wallpaper version), and we received a sample in the mail before deciding to go for it. This was helpful to have to make sure the colours matched with other design elements in the room, and helped us to plan around the eventual feature wall.

Wallpaper Tips!

This could definitely be a one person job, but it is nice to have a helper! At 33 weeks pregnant and very sore, I happily took the role as helper this time :)! Brian got up on the ladder and did the tricky work of placing the wallpaper panels at the top of the wall and making sure they were level, and then I helped to peel the backing and smooth the wallpaper onto the wall. We managed to finish the wall during one of Daisy’s two hour naps (including some snack breaks and filming breaks!)

Here are some tips and tools that we found helpful! The wallpaper also comes with handy instructions:

  • Make sure you have a level, and that you pick a level spot on the top of the wall for the first panel, and don’t necessarily follow the ceiling/wall line if you have uneven walls (we sure do!) You can always fix any obvious gaps later with trim, but you want your design to go on straight and level.
  • Keep scissors nearby to cut the backing often, so you don’t end up with a bunch of paper in your way.
  • Use your hand, a soft cloth, or a wallpaper smoothing tool to help smooth out the panels and get any bubbles out. We found using our hands was the most helpful this time around, and the smaller smoothing tool was great if any bubbles or creases started forming.
  • Make sure you have an exacto knife to make cuts for any outlets, and to trim excess paper at the bottom.

Overall, if you want to make a statement in any space (even a small one like this), wallpaper is such a good option! And there are tons of designs and colours to choose from!

We didn’t take a ton of pictures throughout this process (we were on a nap-time time crunch!) but I’ll also be sharing some behind the scenes videos on instagram of the installation process!

Doesn’t it look amazing! It’s so perfect for this little wall, and it makes the space feel so calming and peaceful. Also definitely getting 100 Acre Woods vibes, and I’m not mad about it! I did feel bad cutting off the limbs of the animals at the bottom, but we knew they would be hidden behind the dresser/change table, and we wanted to see more of the tree at the top.

Once we finished, we brought in this gorgeous vintage dresser that I found on marketplace for $50! The colours worked well with the other teak-ish furniture we have in here, and it’s just so solid and well-made. I do love ikea, but it’s so nice to have quality furniture, and it always makes me feel good to thrift and reuse! Also peep the detail on the top drawer that kind of looks like the outline of a bear!🐻 Perfectly on theme!

The bigger projects for this space are now finished! I have some thrifted shelves to paint and add to this wall above the dresser, and then it’s just adding some finishing touches and swapping out some fixtures. We’re getting closer!

Thanks for following along! Check out the other week 5 projects here!

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