One Room Challenge Week 6: Installing Custom Blackout Curtains!

It’s week six! We’re nearing completion on this space, and it’s making me so happy! Truthfully we didn’t accomplish much this week – we were very busy last weekend celebrating some other friends and family who also have babies coming this summer! But we did get one thing checked off the list – Blackout Curtains!

We actually used to have blackout curtains in this space when Daisy was a newborn. They did the job, but they were a very ugly speckled grey colour, and a definitely a last minute on-sale purchase. We ended up taking them down as soon as she moved into her nursery, and the holes from the rod have been up ever since! We definitely didn’t want to put the same ones back up (slash, we couldn’t because I now use them as paint drop-cloths!) and we definitely wanted another blackout option. They really are key for helping baby understand days/nights, especially when the sun doesn’t set until super late in the summer months.

I loved the idea of pleated, patterned curtains to frame the doors, but it’s hard to find styles we like in the proper height and width for our space – so enter Two Pages Curtains! I had seen Two Pages popping up all over instagram, and they were happy to work with us for this nursery nook project! I love that they have so many design options, and that you can order little booklets that have a ton of sample pattern/materials, so you know exactly what your curtains will look like prior to ordering.

I fell in love with the windowpane style, and the colour options they have ended up working really well with the space. I was initially worried about too much pattern with the wallpaper and rug in the same room, but patterns seem to be on trend, and this project seems to be all about trying new things and adding colour + character to a space that would likely otherwise be very white and neutral looking.

This was our custom order:

– Product name : Stefana Silber Print Linen Blend Curtain Drapery Pleated

– Color: Windowpane White Beige W16

– Header style : Pinch Pleat

– Single panel width and length in inches :43″ width, 90″ height

– Liner type : Blackout

– 2 panels

– Memory Shaping

I am so in love with these curtains! They add so much to the space, and I’m so glad we went with a pattern. I highly recommend the memory shaping, because it gives you the perfect pleat. They fit the space perfectly, so there are no gaps to let light in, and the blackout lining works so well! Definitely impressed with the quality of these and will likely get more for other areas of our home.

We ordered a curtain rod from Umbra and curtain rings from Amazon. Everything was really easy to install and put together. The curtains come with curtain clips, so it was super easy to attach them to the rings.

In addition to installing curtains, I also used the leftover wallpaper scraps we had to line the drawers of the dresser. This is way better than having to buy additional drawer liners. It ended up looking super cute, and helped cover the rough/discoloured parts of our thrifted dresser – such a win!

Nesting is in full swing, and I’m starting to gather all of his little things in here, and they are all so cute! This next week is all about getting the little nursery corner finished! We’ll be adding a glider, putting shelves above the dresser, and hopefully getting a thrifted bassinet to add to the space!

Stay tuned – we’re so close to the reveal. And check out the other awesome designers and DIYers participating in the One Room Challenge HERE.


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