One Room Challenge: Week 8 | Living Room Reveal!

It’s finally here! These past eight weeks have been absolutely nuts, but I’m so excited that we were able to pull this off! Given the COVID-19 pandemic and limited access to stores, we definitely had to pivot during this project, but I think that made things more interesting! Some things we thought we’d purchase, we ended up DIYing or upcycling, and some things didn’t happen at all (like a new rug). But regardless of how much we strayed from the initial plans, this was SUCH a fun project, and it has brought so much character and vibrancy to our little townhouse! I couldn’t be happier with the results! You best believe we’ll be signing up for the next ORC in the fall!


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A quick look at what it looked like before:

The main goals for our living room were to maximize the space by creating more storage, to transition from a rustic/industrial style to more modern/boho, and to make the room feel less builder-grade and more custom. We decided to keep the same layout to be able to make the most of the long/awkwardly shaped room and still have clear access to the balcony doors, but we were able to really spice it up with some statement furniture pieces and built-ins!

Here’s how we did:

Our New Modern Boho Living Room!

I’m so obsessed with how well everything came together! Even though this room consisted of a few different projects, I’m really happy that we were able to keep everything looking cohesive. It just feels so much cozier, and I feel like it really fits our style. Getting rid of the sectional also really helped keep things open, and the fireplace and floating shelves really draw your eye up, making the overall space feel so much bigger.

We decided to keep the coffee table we had, but swap out the top and paint the base gold, and while we’ll likely upgrade it eventually, I think it fits in so well with everything else now. And I couldn’t make my mind up on a new rug, so we took the Poly and Bark Niles Rug from our bedroom and it definitely adds a fun element to this space.

The fireplace!

The fireplace was definitely the most elaborate DIY project we’ve ever done, and I couldn’t be happier with it. We have an open concept main floor, and literally anywhere you are, you can see this beauty. I’m happy we decided to go with the step out ledge instead of a flat front and mantle – I think it really suits our style. The electric fireplace insert we purchased from Napoleon is also so magical! I love how it’s framed, and even though it doesn’t have real flames, they look very realistic! It almost makes me excited for winter! And I thought I loved our frame tv before this project, but now it’s up high and looks even more like a frame with the Sienna Print from Juniper Print Shop!

Also, if you’ve been following along, you probably know that another goal of mine was to hide all the video games and TV cords! And guess what? No cords in sight! We built a shelf in the mantle for the tv boxes, and then Brian’s wonderful electrician uncle helped us add an outlet to the side of the fireplace with an additional HDMI plug-in that is connected to the tv. So now all the video games live in that basket, and you just pull the cord out of the basket, plug it into the side of the fireplace, and VOILA! No cords or consoles! Living the clutter-free dream over here!


We had been eyeing the Kinsey sofa from Structube for a few years, and I’m so happy it’s finally ours! I initially wanted the sectional, but I’m SO happy that Brian convinced me to go with the sofa! It just fits the space so much better, and it’s so incredibly comfortable! And the armchairs were also a long time coming! I’m so happy we finally finished refinishing and reupolstering them. Huge shout-out to Brian’s Mom and Grandmother for their help with that project!


I honestly used to hate this part of the room. I didn’t like how long the back wall was, and for the longest time I didn’t know what to do there, because it attaches to the kitchen, and I was worried about it being too busy, plus we wanted to leave walking space so you could easily access the balcony. But the combination of the painted floating Ivar cabinets and the floating oak shelves just makes me so happy!

One of my favourite parts of this room refresh was decorating these shelves. I started with some things we already had on hand, and then went thrifting to fill in the gaps. One of my favourite pieces is this globe that we used as our wedding guestbook. It’s signed by all of our favourite people, and I’m so happy we get to look at it every day!

Overall I am beyond happy with how the design came together, and am excited to be able to enjoy the room with our friends and family (once we can have people in our house again!) Make sure you head over to The One Room Challenge site and follow along to see all of the project reveals shared by the featured designers and guest participants! Thanks a million for following along!


Photography: Andrew Garel Photography – Shoutout to my amazing brother-in-law for taking the reveal photos!

Wall Colour: Ultra White by Valspar

Ivar Cabinet Colour: Gingko Tree by Valspar

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