One Room Challenge: Week 7 – Nursery Decor Updates and Sourcing Struggles

Hello Friends!

Week 7 is here! Can’t believe there’s only one week left of this season’s One Room Challenge! And what is even more wild is that my due date is less than six weeks away! Can’t believe this space will belong to a tiny human so soon!

This isn’t the most exciting ORC update. I was feeling pretty confident in our progress, since we have pretty much wrapped up all of the DIYs and projects we wanted to accomplish in this space. But I definitely didn’t anticipate the difficulty of adding all of the finishing touches ready. The pandemic definitely put a damper on a lot of our recent projects, and the lack of supply and increased mail delays have really impacted things over here!

My plan for this week’s update was to show some of the more functional decor items we chose for this space, but we are definitely missing a few things! I was hoping to share the custom blackout window treatments we ordered for the awkwardly placed windows in this room, but halfway through the installation process we noticed that all of the parts weren’t included in our order! We were able to get the valances in with the hardware we got, but the company didn’t send us the proper pieces to attach the hardware. Thankfully they are sending them, but it took a while for these to arrive in the first place, so I don’t think we’ll have blinds fully installed by the reveal next week.

And one thing that I know for sure won’t be included in the reveal is the light fixture we chose for this space. It took me forever to find one that I liked and I thought this one was in stock, but after we paid for it the company told me that it wasn’t, and that it wouldn’t arrive to their warehouse until the end of June. So that update will have to come later! It’ll be worth it though! I’m so excited!

What did arrive today however, is this gorgeous braided rug we were gifted from Rugs USA! We went for the off-white colour in a square 8×8 size. I have seen these in so many nurseries, and I totally get why! It’s the coziest rug ever, and just really ties the space together nicely! Buzz has already claimed his spot on the rug, and I think this will definitely be a cozy space that we hang out in a lot for tummy time and bedtime stories!

Now that this is in the space, I feel like it’s so much closer to being finished! Just need to source a few more things to style the space before we take reveal photos!

Decor pieces we are waiting for / need to purchase

  • Light fixture
  • Mirror
  • Pots for some new plants we bought
  • crib sheet/bedding
  • Storage baskets for the closet
  • Laundry Hamper
  • Other small styling pieces

So….. we’re getting closer!! I am so excited to share the final space next week! It has come together so nicely, and I’m just so happy with it!

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