Our Artifact Uprising Wedding Photo Album!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Artifact Uprising

The end of June marks three years since Brian and I got married, and I can’t believe how quickly time flies! But even though our wedding day was my most favourite day ever, you would probably never know it, because other than a zillion photos and albums on our camera rolls, we literally had zero photos displayed in our home!

We have both always loved flipping through our parents’ albums and hearing them tell stories from their special days, and I knew we wanted to eventually have an heirloom like that for our little family. And I have always loved the look of coffee table wedding books that can also be used as decor, so I was so incredibly happy when we were able to create our dream photo book with Artifact Uprising!

All of their photo products are stunning, so I wasn’t surprised at the number of gorgeous options they have for designing wedding albums. We decided to go with the layflat wedding photo album, because of how much it looked like a coffee table book, and I knew it was something we’d love to have out all the time.

Creating our Dream Album

We went with the 10×10 size, with the emerald cover and gold foil text. We chose to have it say ‘Our Best Day’ in the script font, but they also had a few other text options to choose from. I also love that these books are sustainably sourced with 100% recycled pages. The layflat book specifically holds the most photos out of all of AU’s premium photo books, which makes it great for remembering every moment of your wedding day! We even had a few extra pages at the back where we added some of our favourite honeymoon moments!

I think I had always been intimidated by creating a photo book, because I wanted it to all look very cohesive and professional, and it was so much easier than I thought! The website was really easy to navigate, and uploading our photos was very straightforward! They also have so many layout options to choose from, so you don’t even have to worry about getting the proper photo placement – it’s pretty much already done for you!

Curating Perfect Moments

I wanted each page to feel like a a snapshot of certain ‘moments’ from our wedding, so I grouped them into themes or parts of the day that we really wanted to remember. The first page was dedicated to decor and the venue, because I still can’t get over how beautiful everything looked. We also had a page of “cute” moments with our flower dog and ring bearer, and another page with some of our favourite moments from the reception. My favourite pages are the full-spread pages, where you can’t even tell that there’s a scene in the middle – it almost looks like a poster or painting. We got married on a golf course, so it really showed the beauty of our surroundings when the photos were spread across the two pages.

Artifact Uprising would love to help you celebrate your connections, too. Use my code JULEP15 for 15% off your order at checkout. If you choose to share your story in print, please be sure to tag me on instagram and use #tellon for a chance to be featured on their page. In all things, Gratitude.




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