WFH Space Refresh + Colour Block with Digby Paints

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I was gifted paint and a paint kit from Digby Paints in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.


This little spot in our bedroom has changed a ton in the last few months! What started out as a simple space to get ready in the morning, quickly

turned into an additional WFH space thanks to COVID-19! Initially I had set up this DIY bracket wall-desk, which looked super cute, but I hadn’t planned on spending multiple hours a day there.

So given that I’m still working from home for the foreseeable future, I decided that I needed an actual desk and dedicated workspace that I would feel motivated to work at every day.

Our Bedroom is super white everywhere (including our bedding), so I felt like I needed some colour to inspire me a little. I recently discovered Digby Paints, and after looking at their gorgeous colours, I knew that I wanted to do a colour-block wall for my WFH space!

DIY Colour Block

I knew that I wanted to paint the wall that my desk would be on, and was so grateful that Digby Paints sent over the most beautiful muted pink, called Sunshine Stroll. Digby is an awesome online paint company based out of Ontario, and it was so incredibly convenient to have quality paint delivered straight to our door!

I thought this colour would look perfect as a colour block arch, but then decided to paint 3/4s of the wall instead because I loved the colour so much! I had never painted a colour block before, but Digby also sent over their painting kit that came with everything I needed to make it happen! I first taped the wall with painters tape, then painted over the tape with the existing wall colour so I would end up with a crisp line. Then I added two coats of Sunshine stroll, and now it looks so magical!

If you’re new to painting, or want to create your own colour-block, their painting kit is a must-have! They also include a step-by-step guide to a successful painting project. I have never ordered paint online before, but would definitely do it again after such a great experience with Digby!


Workspace Revamp

My initial plan for this refresh included buying a new desk, so that I would have a larger workspace, as well as some storage, but all the desks I liked were either sold out because of COVID, or not in my price range. So I ended up finding and altering these plans from This Old House so that I could get the exact desk I wanted, with the exact dimensions that would fit my space. I also realized that by building it myself, I could make it more ergonomic, since I’m pretty short and most desks I’ve had have been too tall. It also ended up being so much cheaper than any of the desks I was looking at!

I needed something that would match our other bedroom furniture, which is mainly Teak, so I decided to choose a mid-century style, and it was actually so easy to construct, and required very few tools!

It an effort to keep things super simple and affordable, I decided not to build drawers for the desk. Instead I found these hinges off of Amazon that are typically used in kitchens for faux drawers under sinks. They let the front piece drop down to a 90 degree angle.

I decided to paint the main box part the same colour as our walls (ultra white by valspar), and added some wood elements to match the rest of our furniture. I bought the legs from Lowes and stained them with Early American gel stain from Varathane.

I also wanted a shelf to go along the top of the colour block, so instead of buying one, I made a little picture ledge out of some scrap wood! This was super easy – I just used 2 1x3s and a small piece of oak trim that I found in the hobby wood section to go across the front. I painted this the same white as the wall, and drilled it in along the colour-block line.


Overall I’m so happy with this little space! The subtle pop of colour and comfy setup is exactly what I needed to work from home successfully!!



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