Post-Holiday Winter Decor Inspiration

Does your house feel sad and empty after taking down your Christmas decor? It’s so magical when our homes are decorated for Christmas, and then as soon as the new year hits, everything gets put away! And if you’re anything like me, your surroundings can definitely impact your mood and motivation (especially during cold Canadian winters!)

Decorating between April and January is a no-brainer, because you go from fresh spring flowers and Easter-related things, to fresh summer flowers and bright colours. And then from fall harvesty decor, to halloween (or the other way around for my American friends), to full on Christmas/holiday decor! But what should you do between New years and Easter? I’ve compiled some winter decor inspiration and tips to help you get through the winter months!

All the Blankets

In the summer I try to limit the number of blankets I have out, and stick to brighter colours or whites. But in the winter months, you can definitely go crazy with blankets and it’s completely acceptable! Layer them on your couch, bed, or accent chair. Or, invest in, or make a blanket ladder to layer all of your faves on! Faux fur blankets are super trendy, or the classic Hudson’s Bay Blanket is always a good choice! And this way, you’re always prepared when the weather gets cold!

blankets on ladder beside winter wreath

Winter-themed Wreaths

You technically don’t have to put your wreath away! In my opinion, you can totally have a wreath for every season if you make it relevant/stay on theme! But evergreen wreaths can totally stay up for the whole winter, not just for christmas! If you want a DIY version, check out this post!

Also, wreaths aren’t just for front doors! You can really put them up anywhere in your house

pine cones on coffee table

Pine cones

I used pine cones in my wreath, but I also have standalone pinecones that I keep out all winter to compliment other decor items. I have some on my bookshelf in front of a stack of books, a few on the coffee table, and I also have one on a serving tray in my Kitchen. 

Eucalyptus stems in vase

Greenery in vases

Again, greenery isn’t just for Christmas! I always see photos of greenery stems in vases, and I absolutely love that look. Super simple! All you need is a vase, some water, and a few greenery stems! You can literally just walk outside and grab some greenery from a tree! I popped into the bushes on my way home from my friend Mel’s a few weeks ago (@melmakesamess) and took some pretty cedar branches from her yard!

Or head to your local florist and grab some eucalyptus stems!

Minimalist Scandinavian Decor

I spent a few months in Iceland during my Masters, and fell in love with Scandinavian-inspired decor! To achieve Scandinavian vibes in your home, definitely incorporate muted and neutral colours as well as natural textures like wood, leather, and wicker. And plants! Can’t forget about plants!

Pinterest has a ton of Scandinavian-inspired decor ideas – you can check out my board here! Or, just take a walk through Ikea!

String Lights

String lights definitely are not just for Christmas. Regular Christmas string lights, mini fairy lights, or larger edison bulb string lights always look amazing indoors. We hung them above our fireplace in our old house, but they also look great on a larger blank wall, or above your bed or TV! I always love the mood lighting that Christmas trees bring into a space, so why not have fancy mood lighting all year round? 

Stay cozy, friends! Comment below with your own winter-decor related ideas!

♥ Julie

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