Hi friends!

Thanks for checking out Lavender Julep!

This blog is a little passion project I started recently as a creative outlet, slash way to deal with post-wedding boredom. Making things makes me super happy, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Also, having a blog about doing crafts (and needing to come up with new content), is a great excuse to always be doing crafts! So basically I’m pretty excited about this new little adventure.

I’m often asked if I’ve always been crafty, or if it’s a relatively new thing.

To be honest, the DIY mindset was actually something that I grew up with, thanks to my very talented (and frugal) parents! They had a side hustle where they would pick up other people’s old stuff if people were moving or downsizing, and then they would either dispose of things that couldn’t be salvaged, or they would bring stuff back to our house, fix it up, and sell it. So essentially, I grew up in a household where reupholstery, furniture/wood stripping, and upcycling was completely normal, and definitely encouraged. So when I started showing interest in these things, my parents were more than happy to teach me their ways! (I also lucked out with my in-laws, who are also extremely passionate about DIYs, and always encourage stopping to pick up discarded furniture on the side of the road!)

So now when Brian and I see things online or in stores that we really love, we always consider whether we could make it ourselves, and if it would be end up cheaper than buying it. If we answer both of these questions with a yes, chances are we’ll try it out, because we both really enjoy being crafty and often have a lot of fun with it.

When I mention my new blogging adventure to friends and family, I typically get asked what my purpose or “niche” is

And so far my answer has simply been “ummm… things I like!” So essentially you can expect a mix of simple crafts, more involved DIY projects, and some party planning! Oh, and definitely wedding-related things, because pretty much all of my projects throughout the last year were wedding-related. I also love to travel, so there might be a little bit of that thrown in, but we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for following along!

Have questions or want to collaborate? Definitely reach out, and I’m happy to chat!