One Room Challenge – Project Primary Bedroom + Nursery Nook: Week 1

Well it has been a few years since I have crafted one of these posts! Toddler life and being back to work has kept me busy, but I am so excited to participate in another One Room Challenge! If you haven’t heard of it – it’s an eight week challenge that DIYers and Designers take part in to makeover a space in their home, sharing progress updates and/or DIY tutorials and behind-the-scenes looks each week. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. The media partner this time around is the always-inspiring Apartment Therapy!

The timeline on this one is a bit tricky (the challenge wraps up just two weeks before our newest little one is due!) so we will be keeping things simple this time around, but still have quite a few fun projects planned for this space.

The Space:

This time we will be working on our Primary Bedroom (Yay!), but the real push and reason for this project is that we need a space for baby #2! We only have two bedrooms upstairs, so this Little One won’t be getting their own space (in this house at least), so they will be sharing with us until we feel like they are ready to share with Daisy for a bit, or until we’re ready to move! So since we put so much time in effort into Daisy’s space, we decided that we wanted to make a fun and cute space in here for this baby, even if it’s just temporary.

The Bedroom

We’ve lived here for around four years and haven’t done much at all in our bedroom, so I’m excited to finally add some coziness in there! We do love the mid-century furniture in here that adds some warmth, but everything else is white or beige, so colour will definitely be added. It’s not a huge space, but it’s comfortable, and I’m excited to add few touches to make it feel like a little relaxing oasis/retreat space (especially now that we’ll have two little ones keeping us busy!).

The Nook!

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll know that this space has changed a few times. It quickly became an office nook after we moved in, because both Brian and I needed to work from home during the pandemic, so we had a temporary desk space, and then built a more comfortable office space once we realized we would be at home for a while!

But now that I have my own office downstairs, and Brian doesn’t need one, this space has been relatively empty. It’s turned into a dressing area/workout space/space to put random things we don’t have space for! I cannot wait to make it a cozy and cute space for baby!

I should note that this space is small!! It’s around 8×8 if you square it off, so we need to get creative with storage and organization, and be very strategic about what furniture we’re bringing in (so that it all fits, and we can still move around!!)

The Plans:

We still have some planning to do, but there will definitely be some kind of wall treatment done on the big wall. I also never seem to shy away from a wallpaper project, so you can expect some of that incorporated into the nook. We also definitely want to add some colour via paint (but not too much colour, because I am sill a neutral-lover!) and we will likely update the lighting, window treatments, and add some new (and thrifted) furniture and decor.

We’ve started to collect some colour/fabric samples and now just need to start making final decisions. I’ll share detailed plans next week, but here are some inspiration photos that capture the kind of vibe we’re going for this time around!

Via With Love Caila – Our Nursery Reveal – Storybook + Neutral Winnie The Pooh Forest Theme for Baby Girl – with love caila

Via @prettyinthepines – Pretty in the Pines, New York City Lifestyle Blog

Via Monika Hibbs – A Sophisticated Bedroom – Monika Hibbs

That’s it for this week! Be sure to check out the other awesome creators working on spaces in their homes: Spring 2024 – Week 1 — ONE ROOM CHALLENGE®

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I’ll also be sharing what we’re doing behind the scenes on Instagram, so make sure you’re following along 🙂



  • Trisha
    April 9, 2024 at 5:25 pm

    This is going to be such a precious space.

  • Kylie
    April 7, 2024 at 5:26 pm

    Awwww, this is going to be amazing! I love your inspiration.


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