One Room Challenge Week 7: Cozying up the space with thrifted shelves and my Dream Nursery Glider!

Only one more week until we hope to wrap up this space! We’ve almost accomplished all of the little projects we wanted to for this space. The last little bit is just furnishing and styling.

The big addition this week was my dream glider that we were gifted from Storkcraft! It is truly everything I was looking for, and I’m so happy to have a comfortable nursing chair this time around! Once we got this in the space, it really started to feel like a finished nursery space where I could picture hanging out in with baby boy!

We got Storkcraft’s Santa Monica Power Recliner Swivel Glider in the Boucle fabric, and it’s the dreamiest chair ever! We will definitely be hanging onto this for future spaces when I’m done using it for nursing, because it’s so comfortable and I absolutely love the power recline feature! I just had a simple rocking chair in Daisy’s nursery and it wasn’t my favourite, but this glider is such a game changer! I also love that it has a built-in USB port so I can make sure I have a charged phone for those inevitable trapped contact naps! 🥰

At first I was worried about adding a glider to this tiny space, but this one actually fits so well. It doesn’t feel too cramped at all, and it ended up being the perfect size for this little nook. Where we have it positioned currently, we can probably do 3/4s of the recline, which is perfect. And we could easily move it forward if I felt like I needed it to fully recline. The power recline is also perfect for small spaces, because you can recline to the exact position you need to be in to fit your space, and the mechanism moves slowly and quietly – perfect for reclining when you’re holding a sleeping baby.

Now I really can’t wait to finish the little nook area! We’ve got plans to add a lamp, shelves, bassinet and some cute decor to cozy up the space! It’s going to look SO cute!!

This week we also got started on the thrifted shelves I got off of marketplace for $15. They are cute and vintage looking, but definitely 80% wood veneer, so they needed a lot of prep work before painting!

The first step was sanding these down. I could have used our palm sander, but decided to go the sandpaper route so I didn’t have to waddle down to the garage! 😅 We bought a 3-stage pack of sandpaper and used the heaviest grit to rough up the veneer. Once it had some tack, I did two coats of primer and then sanded the primer down a bit with the lightest grit sandpaper so the shelves were extra smooth before painting. We used the same paint we used on our beadboard on the other wall.

Because we needed to maximize storage in the tiny nook space, we decided to make a peg rail that would attach to the bottom shelf, so that we could also hang a few things up. We grabbed a 4×8 plank and ordered some screw-in pegs from Amazon. Brian pre-drilled the holes and we added the pegs in and then countersunk screws to attach the board flush to the shelf. I haven’t snapped a photo of the finished shelves yet, but I love how they turned out, and can’t wait to put them up and style them!

Check out instagram for more chair details and lots of updates as we approach the final week!

And as always, there are a ton of other amazing One Room Challenge projects happening too! Be sure to check them all out!



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