One Room Challenge Week 2: Subtle Woodland-Themed Nursery Nook Design Plans!

It’s Week Two!!

To be honest, we haven’t really done much for this project yet! We spent this last week ordering things and finalizing design plans, but we purposely picked an easy project this time around so that we don’t feel any more rushed, and we can just take our time with this one. Shoutout to the impressive people who tackle big projects in the third trimester… But that is not me, friends!

We are very excited about our design plans though, and really can’t wait to see this space come together! Because the Nursery Nook is in our bedroom, we wanted to keep things pretty neutral and not go full on ‘baby space’ in here. But since we spent so much time making Daisy’s nursery so special, I did want to make this space a little bit fun and whimsical for baby boy – so we have decided to incorporate a subtle woodland theme!

Isn’t it cute?! We fell in love with this mural from Livette’s Wallpaper, and that’s what inspired the theme! Our wall is a lot smaller than the traditional mural size, but they can customize it and remove certain panels to make it fit our space. It will be Peel and Stick again, so that it leaves a little more flexibility in the future when baby gets their own space or if we decide to move. This mural will be gifted, and we are very excited to work with Livettes again!

And for the rest of the room, we’re keeping things pretty simple! We’ll do a wall treatment on the wall behind our bed, and then it’s just a matter of swapping out some of the decor and fixtures. We are also trying to keep things affordable, so thrifting as much as possible!

A little run-down of the projects we have planned:

1) Wall Paneling

Initially we had thought about doing a half board and batten wall behind the bed/bassinet, because it seemed a little more affordable. But after lots of deliberation and a few trips to Rona, we are going to go with design and feasibility over affordability this time.

I have always been drawn to the vertical shiplap or beadboard look, and I was really feeling that for this project. I think it ties into our style nicely, and isn’t too modern for our mid-century furniture. And after looking into our options and finding wide beadboard panels that come in big 4×8′ sheets rather than individual boards, we are definitely opting for the easier route – and that definitely relieves some stress for me at 31 weeks pregnant!

We will be tackling this project this weekend, and plan to get the store to pre-cut the panels. Price-wise this is a little more on the expensive side at ~$50 a panel, but based on the width of the wall, we’ll actually have enough left over to do an accent wall in our bathroom – which is definitely a plus! Two projects for the price of one!! We also plan on painting the half-shiplap wall. We do still need to pick a paint colour, but I’ve been testing out some options this week (and wall panel height options, hence the green tape!!)

2) Wallpaper Wall

As mentioned, we’ll be doing a wallpaper wall on the smaller wall of the nook. This will be our fourth time working with peel and stick wallpaper (love a good wallpaper project apparently!) This will be the first time though that we don’t have a step and repeat pattern, so the mural will be a fun and new challenge for us! Thankfully it’s just a small wall too, so it should be pretty straightforward.

3) Thrift Flips

I shared on my instagram a while back that we found some cute shelves that we would be using in a future project. I’m really excited about the vintage feel of these, and I may add some little hooks to hang things off of them, or alter them slightly so we are making the most of our vertical storage space. I plan on painting these the same colour as the accent wall, and they should tie in nicely with the wall mural.

We also picked up a beautiful wooden dresser for $50 that we found on Marketplace! It’s in such great condition, so it won’t require much of a refresh, but I am so excited to share it soon!

That’s about it in terms of DIY projects, but a few smaller/crafty ones may make it onto the list if we end up having time! We also plan to swap out the lighting, and add some curtains, and then hopefully a bit of a bedding refresh and some new decor to style the space!

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Thanks for following along!

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