Our Living Room Play Area with the Lovevery Play Mat

I speak so highly of Lovevery to our friends and family, so I thought it was about time I posted a review here in case anyone is on the fence about any of their baby and toddler toys. We have a lot of their playthings and play kits, so this post will just focus on the Play Mat, but don’t worry – there will be more to come!

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We started using Lovevery when Daisy was just a newborn and we were gifted the Play Gym. We had already purchased a simple play gym with a few hanging toys, so I wasn’t sure if we fully needed a second one, but we fell in love with it straight away. She was so interested in the mirrors and contrast cards in the ‘Learn to focus’ area, and it was the perfect spot for tummy time and floor time on her back.

It’s definitely a pricier option as far as play gyms go, but it’s so worth it. It has so many attachments and sensory areas that it grows with your baby. Right now daisy is 5 months old, and she’s loving the textures in the ‘How things feel’ zone. We also bought her the Sensory Strands attachment for Christmas, and she can’t get enough of the colours, textures and sounds.

Our house is tiny, so aside from the Nursery, there’s not a dedicated play area or room to store all of her toys and play in. When we’re not in her room playing, we have a dedicated corner in our living room where we keep her toys and play gym so that we have somewhere to play when we’re downstairs. Even though I really don’t mind having bright coloured toys out, it is really nice that the play gym blends nicely into our decor and style, and is something that we can always keep out for her.

At her current developmental stage (pre-crawling), our current setup is just her play gym and a basket where we keep toys and a portable change mat/diapers/wipes, and a swaddle. We rotate the toys in the basket every few days, and it makes for easy clean up at the end of the day because we just toss all of the toys back in!

They say that the play gym gives you a whole year of play, and I certainly believe it! This is definitely something I would recommend adding to your registry or investing in instead of a jumper or activity centre. It also comes with an activity book that explains how to use each section, and additional information about your baby’s development. It definitely takes the guess work out of how to play with your baby!



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