One Room Challenge Week 8: Primary Bedroom + Nursery Nook Reveal!

We made it! Week 8 is finally here and we’re done this project with just under 3ish weeks until baby boy arrives! We are so incredibly happy with how these spaces turned out, and this might just be my favourite project yet!

If you are just tuning in now, our goal for this Spring’s One Room Challenge was to make a little nursery space in our bedroom for baby number two, while also making our room into a cozy, tranquil space to relax in. We know you don’t need a fancy space for a newborn, but this baby won’t get their own room in this house, and we put so much time and effort into making a really special nursery space for Daisy, so we wanted to do something special on a smaller scale for this little guy!

Check out the initial design plans and weekly progress here:

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Before: where we started

Not the worst bedroom setup ever, but we felt like we were due for a change! We went super neutral/mid century modern in here at first, and I really wanted it to feel a little warmer, and less stark white. Other than the beadboard wall, we didn’t have too many plans for this area. We wanted to swap out the lights and add more texture to our bedding. The rug was quite old, so we definitely wanted to swap that out too. It’s wild how a few simple changes can really change the feel of an entire space.

We did have big plans to fit in a ton of functionality in the tiny tiny nook space though! We knew we wanted to wallpaper the one wall, and also fit in a dresser, chair, bassinet and whatever extra storage solutions we could fit! This part was probably the most challenging to design because it’s such a small footprint, but we somehow ended up making it happen!

Initial Project Plans:

We kept things pretty simple in terms of DIYs this time, mostly because of the size of the space, and the fact that I was already in my third trimester of pregnancy when starting this project 🙂 So we just stuck with a few simple but impactful DIYS:

Each of these projects were simple, pretty affordable, and all made a huge impact on the overall vibe of the space!

After – Bedroom Space!

We are so thrilled with our cozy bedroom space. We have wanted to add colour to our room for a while, and I’m so happy we did! It makes the space feel tranquil and relaxing, and adding the painted beadboard really draws your eye down and makes the short platform style bed feel like a more intentional part of the space.

I also LOVE having sconces! We specifically looked for plug in sconces that had pull chains, to make turning the lights on and off a lot easier than reaching behind the bed to find the cord. The other lights we had here were fine, but it’s so nice to have more space on our already small bedside shelves.

I have never really strayed far from white bedding, but I wanted a bit of warmth, so we settled on a white/beige combo – and I’m in love! I love the slightly puffy/layered look, and it feels so cozy to climb into! (all decor sources will be at the end of this post!)


Okay, isn’t this the cutest little nook you have ever seen!? While challenging to visualize how everything would look in this small space, I am SO thrilled with how it all came together. It honestly doesn’t feel too cramped, which was definitely a worry – especially with the glider. But we have more than enough reclining space, and the thrifted dresser ended up being the perfect depth too. The mural makes me so happy, and doesn’t feel too busy – it was the perfect addition to tie everything together. We also just love staring at it, and it doesn’t scream ‘baby room’ either, it’s just super foresty and chill, and makes us feel like we’re on vacation or camping!

While obviously I wanted this space to look cute, there is a ton of intentionality in this design. We had to make use of vertical space, since there wasn’t a ton of floor space. Our upcycled shelves and hooks will be super useful for holding random things, or hanging clothes off of. I’ll probably get some little rope baskets to hang off of the pegs to hold pacifiers or other random baby supplies we may need near the changing station. 

We also opted to hang the mushroom mobile over the bassinet, so I did want something to help distract baby at the changing table during diaper changes. The little moon has a pull rope and plays music. The gold mushroom-like lamp is a rechargeable touch LED lamp with a soft glow for nighttime changes. Since the dresser is absolutely filled with clothes and carriers, swaddles, etc., we wanted a diaper caddy out on the dresser so that all the supplies were super accessible. 

There definitely wasn’t space for a stool or table or anything like that, but we did find the most perfect little wall shelf/table that can easily hold my water bottle and a snack for nursing sessions, or to charge my phone on – and it doesn’t take up much room at all! I also stole the little house book basket from Daisy’s room to hold some books and additional swaddles/burp clothes for easy access.

The mushroom mobile might be one of my favourite parts of the room. I know mobiles above cribs often get some hate – but we had one in Daisy’s room and I don’t think it kept her awake/distracted her at all, but actually helped soothe her or helped her relax before falling asleep. We’ll see how it goes with this baby, but it’s definitely such an adorable heirloom piece, and I love the way it looks hanging from a wooden plant hook.

Decor/Furniture Sources + Links

Partner Shoutouts

We were gifted some products from some amazing brands this time around, and couldn’t be more grateful for their support to make this room come together. 100/10 would recommend these brands and the products we used in this space!!


And that’s a wrap! Now going to take some time to enjoy this space before baby comes! I’m also pumped to take a look at all of the other One Room Challenge Room Reveals – see all of the other projects here: Room Reveals.

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